Botanical Workshops


This year we are excited to bring our kokedama botanical workshop to RHS Malvern. Kokedama is a Japanese technique simply translated as ‘moss ball’. You will have the opportunity to learn the skill of wrapping a plant’s root ball with moss. Along with being given essential advice on which plants work best and how to care for your mossy babies you will, of course, take away your unique creations to hang or display in your home. This is a drop-in workshop so no need to book (suitable for ages 10+) Come and find us in the Greenrooms Market area.

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At the heart of what we do is our passion to share the love we have of plants with others. We are able to run botanical workshops at your party, workspace or festival to improve well being, motivate a team, learn a skill or just have some fun getting your hands in soil!

Please email us at [email protected] or call in to see us for further details or to book

Workshops available:

Kokedama – the Japanese art simply translated as ‘moss ball’. You will learn the ancient skill of wrapping a range of different plants in moss. Not only that, you will be given essential advice on which type of plants work best for this method and the reasons why. We will give you advice on how to care for your mossy babies. And of course, you will take your unique creations to hang or display in your home.

Mounted Staghorn Fern – create living art for your wall. Learn about the fern family and how to bind this epiphytic plant to a board to mimic it’s natural growing habit.  The striking leaves of this particular fern look very similar to a stag’s antlers so this placement really shows off the drama and structure of this beautiful plant.

Plant care and propagation – This is a hands on workshop where you will learn how to care for and multiply your indoor plant family. You will be guided in the various methods of plant propagation, along with tips and tricks to take care of your plants making sure they grow healthy and strong. You will also get to take home a selection of new plant babies.