What we do

The Junglist ethos and the products we stock

Junglist is a tropical oasis based in Nailsworth, Gloucestershire; we have created a biophyllic shopping experience in our botanical atelier.

What does this mean? Well, it means you will immediately feel better when you walk through our door by being surrounded by a ton of greenery! Biophillia, by definition is an innate human instinct to connect with nature – it’s the way we’re wired up; we function better with plants surrounding us. When we immerse ourselves in nature we feel calmer, happier and more productive.

We are all about sourcing the most interesting, beautiful and badass aroids, cacti and succulents, a weekly delivery means that we are constantly switching up and offering many different varieties.

We know how important pots and other planty accessories are if you want a strong plant game. When we first opened we stocked a range of mostly ceramic pots which we were’t overly keen on. But what really bugged us the most was that we didn’t know where they had come from, who had made them and out of what? So we made it our mission to only stock traceable and sustainable pots and accessories. Now we ONLY stock pots, frames, stands, hangers, prints, tools, soil and plant food that are fully traceable and sustainable, we can tell you where, how and who has made every single product we sell.

We absolutely love a bit of colour here at Junglist – the brighter the better so you’ll find this a running theme throughout the shop and the stock in it! Check out our banging range and get ready to elevate your urban jungle to the max.

We love stocking:






Please get in touch if you need any further info about the products we sell at [email protected]

We also offer a bespoke plant design and maintenance service for corporate, hospitality, festivals and larger residential spaces. Check out the design page for more details https://junglistatelier.co.uk/design/