Welcome to our jungle

For your green oasis at home, Junglist are all about sourcing the most interesting, beautiful and badass aroids, cacti and succulents we can find. We have created two tropical oases based in Gloucestershire – a botanical atelier in Nailsworth and a contemporary plant studio in Cheltenham. We only stock pots and accessories that are fully traceable and sustainable, we can tell you where, how and who has made every product we sell. Check out our huge range to elevate your urban jungle to the max

We also offer a bespoke plant design service for corporate, hospitality and larger residential spaces, please email or dm us on Instagram for further details.


Just two badass botanists here to spread the plant love…


Living with nature, in nature. That’s my thing – plants just make you feel good and that’s what I’m all about.

My background is in gardening and counselling, specialising in teaching therapeutic and vocational horticulture to young disabled adults.

Being with plants is important and that’s something I want to share.


It’s a dream come true that I can feed my tropical plant addiction through stacking out Junglist with all things gorgeous and green.

I’m racking up trips to beautiful botanical gardens around the world and bringing back all the inspiration to Junglist.